Osteria Gusto | An Exposition Kitchen at Firelands Winery
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About the Facility

We describe Osteria Gusto as an all new Exposition Kitchen and event space. From the ground up we have built an open kitchen with round seating bar that allows all guests to really experience the passion that chefs have for food. Our facility is outfitted with the latest audio and visual technologies that allow every guest the opportunity to see the skill and technique that goes into crafting every dish. But we didn’t forget about the wine! We spent time crafting a wine service bar that will allow us showcase our award winning wines next to these great foods. From proper refrigeration to a custom built wine rack we have it all.

Our Mission

Osteria Gusto was born out of a desire to meld our two great passions, wine and food.

Firelands Winery has been around since 1880 and in all that time we have noticed that great food makes a fantastic compliment to our award winning wines!   In that spirit we set out to provide a space and create a culture where great wine and food can be showcased and celebrated.

Experiencing Osteria Gusto

There are two ways to really experience the new Osteria Gusto, through one of our roster of events open to the public or by hosting your next special event here!

Public Events

We are working diligently to develop a calendar of events that our loyal customers will have the opportunity to join us for.  These events include more formal dinners with guest chefs and winemakers as well as more casual tasting events, something for everyone!

Private Events

Our facility and all of its capabilities are available to make your next event one that is truly memorable.  From a business lunch with some of your best clients to a bridal shower with some of your best friends, we can accommodate just about every event that needs to be special.  Let our knowledgeable staff help guide you through the process of crafting an event that meets all of your needs!

Private Chef Dinner

For those that are looking for something unforgettable but on a smaller scale we offer a private evening at our kitchen.  Tell us what type of food you would like to experience and we will pair you up with one of our Guest Chefs!  Enjoy a relaxed evening around the kitchen bar interacting with the Chef as they prepare dishes paired with world class wines hand selected for your event by our winemaking staff.